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Ryan Wiik is a traveler, an entrepreneur, an artist and a supporter of like-minded people. In this blog he shares some of his experiences, life lessons and his Journey in the film making industry and beyond

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2 - Passage II




What had I learned? What were my lessons? Where do I go? What do I do? Why were these palm trees so odd-looking? There’s a lesson here. I just needed to find it. 

I’ve learned when I was an actor and…

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2 - Passage

Throughout my journey, in every corner of the globe, therein lie magic and opportunity. It is everywhere.

Pay attention and adventurous offerings will place themselves squarely in your path. It is up to you to acknowledge them when they appear. They are always recognizable, not unlike a…

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1 - The Road Calls

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “That if you took the United States and turned it on its side and shook it, everything loose would end up in Los Angeles.” 

Frank had a point. 

I left LA.  

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01. About Author

Ryan Wiik
Ryan Wiik

Ryan Wiik, born on September 23rd, 1981, in Norway, as Gunnar Ryan Wiik, is an entrepreneur set on the entertainment industry – specifically on film production and development. Wiik studied the craft of acting and filmmaking in Australia, then in Spain. He came to the US to establish the connections for his career and continued his studies in LA. As a foreigner in Hollywood, he played a few minor parts, then had the perspective of his lifetime – the filmmaking industry could be changed for the better. With a business development legacy, coming all the way from his grandfather, he raised several companies to their financial peaks. Setting himself on a new path – sustaining artists and their creations – he is envisioning the future of the movie industry, featuring top class technologies and the use of original works in the field.

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