Gunnar Ryan Wiik born September 23, 1981, also known as Ryan Wiik, is an actor, producer and entrepreneur best known for founding the publicly traded entertainment company WR Entertainment.

Wiik came to Hollywood as a complete foreigner and launched his first entrepreneurial vision during the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. Wiik raised over $1 million in working capital for his initial development company, Without You LLC. The LLC’s only assets was a screenplay based on the relationship between him and his father, Frank, in which Wiik had written and was attached to co-star.

In 2009, the LLC had been acquired by Wiik’s second company, WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. It was a company where Wiik’s partners were former top-level senior executives from major studio and casino gaming conglomerates. Wiik led both the creative film development and WR’s equity raises of multi-million dollar deals. In the process, he increased the firm’s market value with the acquisition and development of the screen and eBook rights to “Morgan Kane,” a largely unknown best-selling series of 83 book titles, which had sold 25 million copies in Northern Europe.

Wiik effectively re-launched the dime-novel-westerns into one of the most discussed film franchise properties in recent Hollywood history.

Without participating in the role of CEO, Wiik led the growth and expansion of WR as lead actor and producer of the planned film-franchise from a start-up to a $100 million group of companies. He helped take the parent, WR Entertainment, public in 2016 on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market. The original investors that financed Wiik’s development company in 2007 saw a return of more than 1000% at the entrance to public markets and became larger shareholders than leading financial investors and billionaires in Norway. With newfound wealth, what followed amongst the stockholders were proxy fights triggered by the company’s phenomenal position for success. With no desire to engage in a prolonged conflict, Wiik returned to his roots of entrepreneurial independent production.